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 January 2019

Visit to Karamoja in Uganda

AWARE William
William, Grace and Teddy
Long journey to Karamoja with the Team of AWARE Uganda Mrs Grace Loumo and Violet Nakwang and Betty Nagiro and Karamoja Community UK Foundation Team Teddy Curran and William Curran

 William Curran the Excecutive Director of KCUKF narrates

It was my first time to travel to karamoja I did not expect what was going to happen in the village

Poverty at its best no food, the volunteers of AWARE Uganda work very hard but they need help to move forward, they are doing what they can with the little or best tools possible, relatively being manhandle as they can’t give the members what they want I was shocked this was happening

I have travelled to lots of countries in Africa and Europe this particular travel in this occasion was a surprise as this was my first time visiting Karamoja in Uganda, I distributed sweets the kids loved them as they have not tasted this before, distributed 8 suitcases of preowned clothes that were donated by the friends of KCUKF In London Me and my Wife Teddy Curran the chairperson of KCUKF brought them from London.

Despite of surprise Karamoja has beautiful scenery , very rich culture and tourist attraction as witnessed as we travelled through the different districts of Uganda and Through Abim District to Kotido, Kaabong  then Moroto and to Teso Land where we interacted with the Emormor  King of the Iteso who had launched the KCUKF in London during his visit in September  2018 at the Iteso Development Conference

Karamoja has companies and charities NGO’s  that are committed to the challenges but no one seems to be listening to them, Grace Loumo is not a young lady but truly dedicated and will never change as the women and kids of Kaabong call her mama, she has been doing this work for a long time over 30 years and I gave her so much credit for the journey she makes 3 or 4 times a month to from Kampala to Kaabong  the journey is so tiresome,  we caught a quick cup of tea and then continued. They you get abused when you get there it is not acceptable and this happens on numerous occasions because we have not go enough to go round for the people and mothers, children and the men just sit and watch as their children and wives struggle to receive their donations, strangers not members of the organisation try to push their way to receive the same handout of the cloths drinks and food.

AWARE Uganda Women waiting to recieve their gift from KCUKF

I had a chat with the young girls and boys who were keen to student and had great ambitions to become teachers, pilots, doctors and to travel, we gave the 12 and 13 years old girls Re useable pads to help with fight against Period poverty

william karamoja

The memory of Karamoja will live with me and I strive to continue to bring changes in Education health Environment and Tourist attraction

William Curran (Executive Director)

February 2019

Participated in the Kinungu Day

KCUKF performed a dance that was uniting the Ugandan’s in the Diaspora and encouraging unity among the different tribes of Uganda and encouraging trade and investments among the Ugandans in the diaspora

March 2019

The st Chad primary school donated School uniforms that was shipped to Kaabong the children appreciated and this encouraged many more children to come to school for earl child development studies

Children excited of their new uniforms

April 2019

May 2019

Joined with Betty Okwalinga and different community leaders with the  Mayor of Milton Kynes in launching the taste of Iteso. We raised KCUKF £110 from sales of suka

June 2019

Fundraising event during a street party at St Chad’s Catholic Church

The community of St Chad’s do raise funds and donate preowned cloths and items to help the karamoja children and women

Launched the Uganda diaspora Foundation at st chad church

All Uganda communities leaders coming together to invest and trade locally and international

Create unity between the Ireland and England Uganda embassy.

Meeting with friends from Kenya and Congo launching of Pastor Naomi out of the comfort zone book  in Norwood was pleased to link up with the community of Congo and Kenya.


July 2019

Fundraising event at the St Chads primary school the school is affiliated with the AWARE Uganda

Upcoming events:-

  • Joining Lango development group on 17th August 2019
  • AIDO convention 22nd to 26 August 2019in Germany
  • Uganda Diaspora Foundation  prsents Uganda Day on 5th October 2019
  • Uganda independence day 9th October 2019
  • Karamoja tour 19th Dec – 5th January 2020
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