Karamoja Cultural Day

Karamoja Cultural Day Celebrations

Karamoja Cultural Day is an annual event celebrated in different districts within Karamoja since 2014.

The day brings together Ateker Cluster people that include Iteso, Turkana of Kenya, Nyangatom of Ethiopia and Toposa of South Sudan. The Ateker Cluster use the occasion to discuss issues affecting them, showcase different talents including dressing code, food and language diversity.

During celebrations, elders’ council together with Karamoja Cultural Association leadership discuss with local leaders on how to promote culture, unite for development among others.

The function started on Wednesday and will run up to Saturday, September 1 in Kaabong district. This year’s cultural days is celebrated under the theme “With Unity and Peace; We Cherish Our Culture for the Development of Karamoja and the Rest of Ateker Clusters

Karamoja region has for long been known for its extreme marginalization and poverty index. And indeed there have been many periodic severe disruptions to the survival and livelihood systems of almost all communities in the region resulting from people’s vulnerability.

The growing modern cultural disparities and confusing moral values are checking the traditional and cultural practices and cherished values.

Karamoja Cultural Association 2018 Kaabong Chapter

Karamoja Cultural Association (KCA) is a cultural institution registered in Uganda and located in Karamoja region. KCA historically has been celebrated in Kampala the capital City of Uganda under the guise of the Karamoja Cultural Day out. It was later in 2014, celebrated in Moroto District of Karamoja sub region after decry from Karamoja elders and Elites Karamoja Cultural Association Kaabong Chapter is a child of mother KCA registered in 2018 and functioning in Kaabong Distict.

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