Period Poverty Project

Reusable Pads

Period poverty affects women, girls and people who menstruate all over the world. Access to menstrual products, safe, hygienic spaces in which to use them, and the right to manage menstruation without shame or stigma, is essential for anyone who menstruates. 

Reusable Sanitary Pads – Are Period pads handmade to the highest possible standards, we add accessories like panties, soap, hand wash bags which help make your periods zero waste as well as fun and beautiful popular with girls women of all ages. The product are made from Bamboo charcoal fiber, perfect for sensitive skins, keeps you fresh and neutralizes odors. it has 2 layers of super absorbent microfiber that absorb three times more than a disposable pad. Waterproof PUL to prevent leaks even during your heavier flow days. Your period will no longer be uncomfortable or unhealthy! 

In karamoja poverty is at a higher level and parents cannot afford to buy products hence the girls sit in the sand whole day in the hot climate 

But for many, this is not a reality. This is not just a potential health risk – it can also mean girls’ education, well-being, and sometimes entire lives are affected.

we are working with community leaders and women and gilrs at grassroots and schools to supply the girls with Sanitary Products

For my Birthday this year I am gifting the girls with my gift/donation to Help Fund Reusable sanitary pads for girls, women in Karamoja. Period poverty is real for girls and women we aim to reach 500 in number.

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