KCUKF have distributed clothes and sanitary towels to the children and women of kaabong

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AWARE UGANDA (Action for women and Awakening in Rural Environment) was formed in 1989 by a group of Local rural women of Kaabong District in Karamoja region. It was initiated  with an aim of taking women out of their plight in this region by net working rural women to build their skills, learn their rights as women, fight poverty, violence, suffering and HIV/AIDs.

It’s a fully registered organization with the national NGO board with Reg. No. S.5914/1033 operating in 4 district of Karamoja regions ie Abim, Kaabong, Kotido, Moroto, Karamoja Region in the North Eastern part  of Uganda

AWARE-UG was formed because of gender imbalance, resulting in to high levels of domestic violence & GBV, family neglect, women and human rights abuses, Ethnic clashes and cattle rustling causing high family death, highs levels of illiteracy among  Karamojong women, depriving/nomadic culture, high levels of HIV/AIDS as a result of rural nomadic migration.

AWARE boasts of a very experienced, exposed team in the social, economic and cultural problems affecting grassroots women in Karamoja. This team is not only well versed with the geography of the place, but has also a truck record of successful implementation of rural projects over the years.

AWARE has more than 25 yrs experience in implementing women’s emancipation project/programme.  AWARE operates particularly in Kaabong district, with branches in Abim, Kotido and Moroto . Its broad aim is to advance the social, cultural and economic status of women in Karamoja, interventions on Food security and Nutrition, Girl Child Education, AIDS/HIV & women/Human Rights campaign to build consistency of empowered grassroots women, to engage in local development, so that they can make positive contributions to their well-being, homestead and the region at the large.


To empower Karamoja women build their confidence, and status through their participation in groups in which they can determine programs to secure livelihoods of their families.


To promote women’s active involvement in development of their communities to raise their standard of living.


All indigenous community women to live in dignity and Respect to enjoy their Human Rights and build their Livelihood.


  • To improve the livelihoods of grassroots women and their families through access to modern farming methods/tools, entrepreneurial skills, functional adult literacy, saving and loans schemes to boost household income and food security,Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) hence
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of the community particularly women on prevention, care, support and management of HIV/AIDS ,Reproductive health,and other health impact on the family and community.
  • To educate women and wider community on Women/Human Rights,environmental protection and promotion,womens land/property ownership, Gender Based Violence and reporting avenues and justice systems to seek redress for human rights violations and abuses experienced.

Through its efforts over the years AWARE has greatly achieved in its fight in poverty eradication, through women social Economic empowerment projects like VSLA projects, Income generating projects like Tailoring, Poultry, goat rearing, mini farms, cattle keeping, bee keeping and FAL programs, through partners like PACE,AJWS, Women World Water Initiative, GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN, GERMAN EMBASSY, GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS,REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH UGANDA,HAUIROU COMMISSION, WLLA, GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS,



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