Conference 2017

Teso Development International Conference (TDIC) will take place from 18th–23rd September, 2017 at the magnificent University of East London, The United Kingdom. The theme of the conference is, Teso: Past, Present and Future.

The goal of the conference is to foster a united approach among the people of Teso to identify problems affecting Teso, prioritise strategies to tackle the problems, and to identify and mobilise international opportunities for solving the problems facing the region.

The conference is 5 days and will bring Iteso and friends of Teso together to come up with a common agenda for solving the problems facing Teso; and to learn best practices in the UK that can be applied to develop Teso.

Consistent with the theme, goal and objectives, the conference will reflect on Teso’s glorious past which was characterised by good education, health, and other services; a sound economy with a flourishing industrial and a thriving agricultural sector.


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