This is open to all Karamojong’s living in the UK and all friends and families of Karamojong’s in other parts of the world.

Qualification of members

a)      Membership shall be by application to the Regional committee that will be established and on fulfillment of conditions set thereof, upon subsequent registration and payment of different levels of subscription and registration fees, to be determined by the said Board as an additional appendix

b)      Membership shall be granted to persons of integrity, sound mind and relevant competencies

c)      Membership shall be granted without prejudice to tribe, ex, class, political or religious affiliation.

Categories of Membership

Full membership

  • Shall be granted to all the founding member, Board members and co- founding members in Karamoja who shall have full voting rights, make decisions and also vie for any elective position in the organization
  • They shall also be members who have fully paid their membership and continually make their annual subscription to the Foundation and share the aspirations and are bound by the terms and conditions of the Foundation.
  • They shall be both in Uganda and in the UK respectively

 Associate Members

  • These shall be granted by the founder members to individuals who are committed to the objectives and interested in promoting the aspirations of the foundation but may not be bound by these Articles of the foundation. They may not be willing to be full members due to other reasons.
  • They shall be entitled to participate in all undertakings of the organization, make donations/suggestions etc., but shall neither be entitled to vote nor hold any elective positions of the organization
  • The annual general Assembly shall create different categories of membership from time to time when deemed necessary.

    Ordinary members

  • Shall be groups, clubs and / or societies of person involved in promoting the interests and general welfare of the Foundation or subscribes to the aspiration of the foundation.

    Honorary members

  • Shall be persons in their individual capacity, and / or not necessary representing any organization, groups, clubs, and a society of persons, but shall include any person who shall have shown a strong desire and willingness to subscribe to the aims and objectives of the foundation and has demonstrated his / her desire by constantly identifying himself/herself with the cause of the foundation.
  • Can also be members or individuals who wish to by virtue of their position e.g. political positions or self will wish to identify with the organization and willing to contribute both financially and non-financially to the growth and development of the organization.

 Cessation of membership

A person shall cease to be a member upon

  • Death, or incapacitation due to any physical or mental infirmity that cannot allow them to continue being relevant to the organization. Upon death the Board can decide to appoint the deceased child to take over their position in case they are above the age of 18 years and will be mentored to understand and embrace the Foundations terms and condition of membership. In case the child of the deceased in not capable of taking over the membership position of the late parent then they shall be given time to study and get acquainted with the organization before full membership is given to them.
  • Being granted permission after submission of written request to the chairperson of the Board
  • A person shall also be terminated from the membership of the organization if it is proved after his or her defence that he/she has ceased to subscribe to the core values, mission and objectives of the Foundation. In case of termination, no replacement from the next of kin shall be allowed
  • All members shall be registered in the organization records which shall bear among other particulars, the name of the member, the date when he/she became a member, and if any the organization’s name and logo / emblem.

Only fully registered members shall be eligible to represent their foundation or participate in all obligations of the general assembly and other meetings or conferences

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