KCUKF have teamed up with WE-STAP to assist other stake holders to accelerate development for Karamoja in diaspora.
We aim at encouraging girl child education by first keeping the girls in school our project Is prevent periods poverty in Karamoja the girls drop out as they can’t afford sanitary towels.


We Supply Toiletries and Products to Women in Need

The idea for our group was created many years ago when I worked as a health visitor in Croydon. I visited a client who lived with her partner and three children and was experiencing domestic abuse. Her partner did not buy her anything and would not give her any money. I enquired how she manged when she had a period, she cried and told me that she had to use toilet paper. I was very shocked by this & decided to raise funds to purchase sanitary products for her!

At We-STAP our aims are to provide toiletries & products to women in need in Croydon. Items include menstrual towels/tampons, shower gels, toothpastes, toothbrushes & deodorants; which are  donated by our community.

Women will need to be referred to us, as we are unable to complete assessments. They can be referred by a health professional, key worker, group they attend etc. The criteria is: they must live in Croydon, be experiencing financial hardship & an inability to purchase menstrual products e.g have no recourse to public funds. She must also speak English; however if she does not she must be accompanied by someone who does, in order to collect & sign for her supplies.

Once a referral is received, the client is contacted & a convenient date/time is arranged in Croydon. We aim to distribute supplies within 7 working days.

​There are a few groups in Croydon who cater specifically for homeless women or women experiencing domestic abuse. We cater for other groups of women too, e.g women with no recourse to public funds, who may be facing financial hardships and refugees.

​Women need to be referred by a health professional, a local group they attend, their church etc.

We aim to spread our project internationlly. KCUKF will link us with Karamoja in Uganda

Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador (collecting items), a Sponsor, a Member or a Volunteer?

Contact Jackie Morrisons

Founder/ Chairperson

Tel: 07376 258936 or

Email:  Info@we-stap.com

Website: www.we-stap.com

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