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Karamoja Community UK Foundation was founded in 2017,  is a non profit orginaisation constituted in England Wales with company Number 11401811. Its a  initiative of the Karimong Community living in the diaspora formed to advance Karamoja’s development through advocacy, sharing information, experiences, and strategies in the diaspora to strengthen the Karamojong voice and capacity to participate effectively and influence decisions made at national, regional and global levels for the development processes of Karamoja.

We work through building partnership with public-private sector and Civil Society Organizations in areas of education, community participation, life learning and engaging in a healthy community.  Working together with Charity Organisations that has had and  participated in the development of Karamojong.

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To educate the Karamojong’s and to up lift the illiteracy level to the standard of other part of Uganda
  2. To bring together the Karamojong friends of Karamoja
  3. To relieve poverty, sickness and disease within the UK and in Uganda by providing help for victims of natural or civil disasters, and giving advisory and support services to those in need
  4. To advance education and training in the history, culture, art and language of the Karamojong people and other subjects in the UK
  5. To advance public education, in particular for African youth and their parents, by the provision of workshops, seminars, and training courses on subjects including health education, self-help and social enterprise
  6. To promote health through education, access to medical facilities or the pursuit of healthy recreation through sport
  7. To provide translation and project evaluation services
  8. To Involve women in ensuring safe motherhood and public health providing safe home deliveries by creating a Corp of traditional birth attendants and community health workers in the absence of adequate rural clinics, health and maternity Centres.
  9. To promote awareness and understanding of women’s rights and decision-making roles as a way to fight the low social status Karamojong culture ascribes women through workshops and seminars.
  10. To combat HIV/AIDS and stop discrimination and stigma against those who are infected and affected families.
  11. Improving women’s education and leadership skills. And Promoting culture Education for women and women empowerment

Karamoja Community UK believes and treasures the Karamojong Culture and will use it as a tool to promote society growth livelihood and well-being.

Karamoja community UK will facilitate the right to food and enable agricultural growth in the face of climate change: we will help to identify and promote a new type of sustainable agriculture that recognizes the essential role of farmers in maintaining biodiversity and providing environmental services, as well as producing food and fiber. See more on our work on


To see a Karamoja society that is enlightened empowered, healthy and self sustaining valuing equality, justice and human rights.

Activities and Strategies

Attending Community leader’s forum meetings to share and discuss development issues geared in achieving the government set goals.

Performing Cultural shows at different community groups that we are collaborating with

We will also work with investors to promote investment that challenges power balances and enables economic growth to be more equally distributed. Business has great potential for alleviating poverty. We want to maximize the contribution that business can make towards poverty reduction. This involves challenging some practices and building a model for ethical trade. This is another route for developing sustainable livelihoods for people living in poverty around the world.

We will build links between rural and urban areas and international area, especially in the development of product markets and value chains. We will work with others to develop strategies to improve urban women’s livelihoods.

We will maximize opportunities to use new technologies to communicate and administer the development in Karamoja

We must see to it that we build a new global governance to avert food crises.  Governments’ top priority must be to tackle hunger and reduce vulnerability – creating jobs and investing in climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction and social protection.  International governance – of trade, food aid, financial markets, and climate finance – must be transformed to reduce the risks of future shocks and respond more effectively when they occur.

We must also build a new agricultural future by prioritizing the needs of small-scale food producers in developing countries – where the major gains in productivity, sustainable intensification, poverty reduction and resilience can be achieved. And we must reverse the gross mis-allocation of resources, which sees the vast majority of public money for agriculture flow to ago-industrial farms in the north.

Finally, we must build the architecture of a new ecological future, mobilizing investment and shifting the behaviors of businesses and consumers, while crafting global agreements for the equitable distribution of scarce resources.  A global deal on climate change will be the litmus test of success.


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