Convention 2019

AIDO Convention 2019 in Germany

Karamoja community UK Foundation (KCUKF)  will be participating at the convention in Germany. We would like to encourage all karamojongs in Europe to attend this network interventions, that will attract not only teh Ateker but different tribal groups around the world.

The first Ateker Convention was held in October 2018, in Cologne, Germany. The event, dubbed the first of its kind, to Germany, brought together over 300 people from 10+ countries, for business networking, to build partnerships, and to celebrate cultural diversity.

The event saw the appointment of the first ever-female cultural leader in the Ateker regions, Ambassador Filda Lolem Braun, as Ateker Cultural Ambassador for Germany.

The Mission of Aido, a not for profit organisation, is to build a network of individuals, community groups and organisations, with a common goal of promoting cultural heritage, and advocating for unity and social change.
Since the 2018 Convention, Aido has developed a working partnership with Cultural leaders in Africa and Cultural representatives throughout Europe.

The Ateker International Convention (AIC), a follow up to the 2018 Ateker Convention, is scheduled to take place in Cologne, Germany from 22-25 August 2019.  The event is expected to bring together policymakers, business leaders from domestic and international companies, and youth leaders, to highlight the need for cultural leaders to take a stand, and to deliberate how best their communities can enhance the national economic and social agendas, in order to attain and boost sustainable development opportunities.

The Programme

  • The programme includes an international exhibition, where delegates from both the hosting country and the visitors, will showcase and demonstrate their areas of strength, learning and cultural tourism.
  • The participants will be exposed to the benchmark Germany technology, which will provide an opportunity for Aido network representatives to lobby for international partnerships, business investment and technology, as well as cultural exchange.
  • The programme will equip delegates to evaluate how different regions represented are performing, in attracting investment opportunities, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, improving access to quality education, and ultimately, contributing to long-term growth and development agenda.


The long-term objective of the Ateker International Conventions is to strengthen the evidence base for policy making, both local and national, in partner regions, through data gathering, surveys; networking; targeted topical conferences and seminars, which spread good practices and development partnerships as means of creating change and result in the growth of the Aido network.


  • This year’s events will be organised by Aido in Partnership with Kosh-Deutschland Germany, Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) and Karamoja Community UK Foundation (KCUKF). There is also a strong collaboration between the organising partners and both the private and public sectors of the Ateker clusters.
  • The key focus of the convention is to provide a platform for transnational strategic partnerships aimed to develop initiatives promoting innovation, exchange of experience and know-how between stakeholders contributing to the objectives of the convention. This will provide outlines for the sustainable development initiatives of 13million Ateker people, in Africa and in the Diaspora.
  • The convention will provide an opportunity for building knowledge alliances between cultural institutions and business institutions aiming to foster creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, employability and knowledge exchange.
  • A further target is to forge Skills Alliances supporting the design and delivery of vocational training programmes and training methodologies, drawing on evidenced of skills needed in order to achieve economic development and sustainable income structure in partner regions.

Anticipated outcomes

1. Leadership dialogue summit

  • To bring the six core Ateker clusters together and agree on a roadmap towards unity and peace through dialogue for the Ateker comprehensive development – Protocol of cooperation between Ateker peoples in development.
  • The event is organised to forge relations, to unify the Ateker and to open dialogue by encouraging all the clusters to come up with practical options to reverse the perennial processes of underdevelopment.
  • The event organisers will invite like-minded individuals, corporates as well as Governments representatives, to make a positive contribution to the discussions.

The Ateker Governments include Turkana County Government, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region Council SNNPR, Boma State Government, Kapoeta State, Turkana and Busia County Governments, The local Governments of Tororo, Aparisa, Akum, Solot, Ngora, Kide, Serere, Kaberamaido, Kapelbyong, Amuria and Katakwi, Napak, Abim, Moroto, Kabong, Nakapiripirit, Kotido, Amudat and Nabilatuk.

The issues identified for leadership dialogue include;

  • Protocol on mutual cooperation to end poverty.
  • Restore social harmony and cultural dignity
  • Ateker Education and Agricultural Production
  • Water, Sanitation and Health

2. Business and Investment

To bring together European Investors to interact with Aido network entrepreneurs and lobby for the support of Governments on joint investment ventures for the mutual benefit of its stakeholders.

The issues to discuss include;

  • Attracting Investment capital and Insurance
  • Creating the next generation of Entrepreneurs
  • Attracting Investment opportunities and/ or
  • Explore value addition for food and livestock industrial products, for instance non-grape based wine production, skins and leather tanning.

3. Education & Technology
To expose Ateker people to the best human resource development strategies adopted by Germany in education and technology advancement.

Issues to be explored will include;

  • ICT incubation centres and laboratories (Visit medical facility by disabled people)
  • Investment in Technical schools (Value Addition skills).
  • Student exchanges programs

4. Cultural Tourism
To bring about cultural exposure between the German people and Ateker, to build positive cultural links and attract investments opportunities in the Tourism sector.

Key Featured Activities

  • Exhibition of Ateker Cultural Artefacts alongside German ones.
  • Exhibition of Ateker organic Honey by bee farmers.
  • Boat Cruise to the Rhine Wine producers for a study Tour (Value addition)Armed and Unarmed.
  • Cultural Performance & Dances, traditional regalia.
  • Enthronement of two Cultural Ambassadors
  • The Convention finale will be the Red-Carpet Dinner, hosted by Ambassador Lolem Braun, in honour of His Highness Papa Emorimor, the King of the Iteso he final event will have a beauty pageant show and installation of Cultural Ambassadors.

Key Delegates

The Convention organisers will invite individuals and corporate participation as well as Governors of Turkana County, Busia County, Boma state, Kapoeta State, SNNRP Local Council, five chairmen of Karamoja and Teso, Ateker Parliamentary group, Cultural Troupes, Youth, Entrepreneurs, Educationists, Cultural Leaders and religious leaders.

Development Partners

  • The Convention will see participation from International partners in Development, already working in Africa, from Germany, Canada and the UK.
  • The Germany team, in partnership with Diaspora International Hospital Foundation, will coordinate with the respective Embassies to set lines of communication.

Ateker Cultural Ambassadors

  • The Convention is hosted by the Germany based Aido Representative, Ambassador Filda Lolem Braun, who has made a call out to Cultural Ambassadors, from across the world, to attend to be part of reshaping of their local communities by adapting an integrated approach to cultural heritage.
  • The UK delegation will be led by Chief Michael Okwalinga, Head of ICU (UK). Ambassador Solomon Emong, Head of ICU (Europe) will lead the European delegation.
  • The South African delegation is expected to be led by Ateker Cultural Ambassador for Southern Africa Dr.Agnes Ikatekit Okonera to Germany. Also expected is a cultural group by Future lift Foundation and the Minister of culture and arts.

The event will also see participation from other cultural leaders from across Africa.

We invite corporate, organisations and business owners to be part of this great event, as a sponsor, to take advantage of the exclusive opportunity of partnering and collaborating with Ateker leaders in areas of mutual interests and benefits.

The event budget is available on request, and the event programme will be communicated at a later date.

Contact Information
Amb. Filda Braun Lolem – Germany + 49 173 749 4210
Paul Jones Eganda – United Kingdom + 44 7378 354 645


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