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Attending AGM with WE- STAP August 2018

The Mayor of croydon was one attending and so passionate about the initiative.  Studies show that 65% of Karamoja community over15 years compared to 18per cent nationally in Uganda have not attained formal education.   The reason for low attendance amongst girls is cost related to their needs including sanitary towels.
If a girls misses 5days a months times 12 in a year is 60 days not attending schools due to preventable reasons.

We have partnered with a group WE-STAP to start training on making sanitary towels by girls so that the low attendance of schools due to periods are prevented. This will be amongst causes to be stopped so girls can confidently attend schools.  It’s also, safe, reliable and affordable for every girl child.

The Mayor gives priority to supporting organisations and individuals who in their various ways contribute to the well-being of the community and is eager to attend their events and to participate in celebrating their achievements and milestones. The Mayor welcomes invitations from the widest possible range of local organisations such as community, charitable and voluntary groups, schools, churches and other religious groups, businesses, residential homes, as well as from those that contribute to the cultural life of the borough.

Fundraising for Kaabong Chapter Cultural event in London July 2018 to sponsor the culturel Event Kaabong Chapter 2018.

Kaabong Chapter organised a cultural event from 28th August – 1st September 2018 that was embracing all cultural of the differenct claters of karamoja and the Ateker people from South Sudan, Ethopia, Kenya Iteso and Karamojong.


Invitation to Uganda Independence day in London orgainsed by the Uganda High Commision 11th October 2017


Attending the 7th Uganda Covention in London Sept 2017 attening was on of our MPs Hon. Lokwang Hillaryhttps://www.ugandanconventionuk.org/photo-conference-2017

performing at 55 Youth Independence Function in  London with the Ganda Girls

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