Karamoja Community UK Foundation

Karamoja Cultural dance

Celebrating with miss tourism the cultural dance during the launching of Karamoja foundation in uk

Karamojong Dance @ The Teso Dev. International Conference 2018


Conference 2018

Speakers at Teso-Karamoja Conference 2018

The 5th Teso Development International Conference (TDIC) will take place at De Vere Selsdon Park Hotel, Croydon, London, United Kingdom from Saturday 22nd to Sunday to Sunday 23rd September 2018.  The theme of the conference is: Working Together for Sustainable Development. His Royal Highness the Emorimor Papa Iteso August Adugala Osuban will be the Guest of Honour. He will open the conference and  call upon the Iteso and friends of Teso to support the development of Teso. The Emorimor who arrives Thursday 20th September 2018 will be accompanied by his Wife, Toto Akaliat Agnes Osuban, the Prime of Iteso Cultural Union, Paul Sande Emolot, Minister for International Relations and Diaspora Affairs, Leonard Ekapu Otekat and Government of Uganda State Minister for Teso Affairs, Hon. Agnes Akiror Egunyu. Hon. Akiror will update the conference on government programmes in Teso.

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AWARE UGANDA ( Action for Women and awakening in Rural Environment )

aware pic 5

AWARE Uganda volunteers after a performance in Kaabong township

AWARE-UG was formed because of gender imbalance, resulting in to high levels of domestic violence & GBV, family neglect, women and human rights abuses, Ethnic clashes and cattle rustling causing high family death, highs levels of illiteracy among  Karamojong women, depriving/nomadic culture, high levels of HIV/AIDS as a result of rural nomadic migration. Read More