Become a member of AIDO network International

AIDO was founded to enable people to stay in touch with their Culture Regardless of Location To develop activities that highlight and share best practices, encourage intercultural relations and exchanges; build capacity within the network, and promote sustainable development in our communities. Membership Driven  membership organisation that is open to everyone able to share their servicesContinue reading “Become a member of AIDO network International”

Environmental Conservation

TREE PLANTING PROJECT At AWARE UGANDA CENTRE IN KAABONG DISTRICT  We  are  pleased to engage with NANGOLOL COMMERCIAL TREE NURSERY. To train the young girls of AWARE UGANDA in tree planting amd environmental conservation The girls who are sponsored for their education will look after the tree planting project  and maintain them. Your contributions towards achievingContinue reading “Environmental Conservation”

2.6 Challenge to save UK Charities

On 26 April 2020 thousands of people joined in the 2.6 Challenge, in an effort to make up some of the money that would have been raised by runners in the London Marathon, the world’s biggest single day fundraising event. In fact, the challenge has the ambitious challenge of saving the UK’s charities! Over 40,000Continue reading “2.6 Challenge to save UK Charities”