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Food Drive for Karamoja


In Karamoja, one of Uganda’s poorest regions, anxious mothers clutch bone-thin infants in a malnutrition ward, terrified their child could be the next to succumb to starvation

Hunger poverty should be on the top of policy makers list no human being should be left to starve and die from basic needs as one one their basic human rights:

The Right to good health, nutrition and wellbeing the people of Karamoja should not be forgotten as the saying goes,

my campaigns is to select a few families that are in need and supply food to them.

Food drive campaign is to save a live and in order to do so we are appealing for your support to feed and educate the mothers and fathers on health eating and nutrition and agriculture farming this to ensure that we drive towards ending poverty in Karamoja and the world

Make your donation of £10 to Feed 10 Children Through The link below

Make your donation of £20 to Feed 20 Children Through The link below

or through PayPal

Karamoja Food Drive

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