Karamoja Community UK Foundation


Karamoja Community UK Foundation is launching an appeal to support the vulnerable human beings in Karamoja to rebuild their lives after and during the pandemic, we will be contributing to PPEs across Karamoja Region



AWARE UGANDA with support of Karamoja Community UK Foundation Is launching Covid 19 Appeal to Support the vulnerable Children women and men of Karamoja Your support will highly be appreciated and God will surely Bless you gift of Support


The funds will go towards food vouchers, soap, sanitary pads and water Tanks that will be installed at strategic places in hospital to improve on hygiene of all people visiting the hospitals.

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Environmental Conservation


We  are  pleased to engage with NANGOLOL COMMERCIAL TREE NURSERY.
To train the young girls of AWARE UGANDA in tree planting amd environmental conservation
The girls who are sponsored for their education will look after the tree planting project  and maintain them.
Your contributions towards achieving this goal is very much appreciated
Nangolol commercial tree nursery lead by Damian Engor has been established in the. region for over 20 years with lots of experience in maintenance and management of tree of different variety , they will  ensure that they  follow up and ensure that the trees are protected.
The Karamoja  Community UK Foundation has donated  2,500 keiapple seedlings for planting around the fence of AWARE Uganda centre in kaabong Township.
Together will work to sustain the environment of karamoja community one place at a time


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As individuals and organizations continue to donate relief items to curb COVID19 pandemic in Uganda,the Karamoja Community Uk Foundation has made a contribution of sanitary accessories worthy millions to Karamonjong Community.
The items included Masks and hand wash facilities to benefit heath centers in the districts of Nakapiripirit,Moroto Kabong Napak ,Abim among others
Speaking at the Ministry headquarters while flagging of the consignment to karamoja region, the permanent secretary Ministry of Heath Dr. Diana Atwiine said the donation will go a long way in addressing the hygiene and sanitation challenge that put the people of karamoja at high risk of contracting the covid19 virus
Dr. Diana Atwiine says community members should be empowered to help one another to make safer health care choices for improved livelihoods.
She said community leaders have a crucial role to play and should have a sense of responsibility and ability in helping their population make the healthiest choices possible.
She applauded of the Karamoja Community Uk Foundation under the leadership of sister TEDDY LOUMO for generously donating towards the fight of Covid19,
She said community leaders have a crucial role to play and should have a sense of responsibility and ability in helping their population make the healthiest choices possible.
Speaking on behalf of the Karamoja Community Uk Foundation ,Dr Isaac Okello called on government to push harder for affordable care with focus on improving the health of people Karmonja region who face financial pressure from all directions,
Karamoja region is faced with poor hygiene and sanitation that put the population at high risk of contracting preventable diseases


we will continue to be the voice of Karamoja

2.6 Challenge to save UK Charities

On 26 April 2020 thousands of people joined in the 2.6 Challenge, in an effort to make up some of the money that would have been raised by runners in the London Marathon, the world’s biggest single day fundraising event. In fact, the challenge has the ambitious challenge of saving the UK’s charities!

Over 40,000 or so runners would have run the London Marathon, no doubt raising over £66 million for many charities. But of course it isn’t taking place due to the coronavirus lockdown, adding to charities’ cashflow problems.

But the charity sector has stepped up and supported the organisers of the London Marathon in their virtual version of the event, designed to raise funds for charities now, rather than make them wait until October, the month to which the London Marathon has been postponed.

The 2.6 Challenge is designed for all charities and for almost any supporter to get involved. You simply have to come up with an idea that involves the numbers two and six. Yesterday, the original date of the London Marathon, was the 26th April, and the marathon distance is 26 miles (not forgetting the 385 yards).

I was pleased to join the thousands of home heroes in a 2.6 challenge to save UK Charities and this is what I did karimonjong dance for 2mins and 6 secs
Enjoy Blessings only

Eng Teddy Loumo Curran home 2.6 challenge